Material Glossary

3M Scotchlite™

3M Scotchlite™ enhances the visibility of bikers extremely at twilight and darkness. The reflective materials have an open, wide return beam system out of catadioptric crystal balls. Other reflective materials need directly crossed light to function because of its structure. 3M Scotchlite™ reflects light in a brilliant white way although no light impacts. Silver 3M Scotchlite™ outranges even the highest European standards according to simulated severe rain fall.

3M Thinsulate™

Thinsulate insulation works by trapping air molecules between you and the outside. The more air a material traps in a given space, the greater its insulating value is. Because microfibres in Thinsulate insulation are far finer than other fibres, they trap more air in less space, which naturally makes it a better insulator. Thinsulate™ is used in Modeka gloves.



Constructed using high tenacity fibre technologies, weight for weight CORDURA® fabrics are extremely hardwearing with enhanced tear and wear resistance.  CORDURA® Classic fabric is woven with qualifying INVISTA nylon 6,6 yarns that are air jet textured for high abrasion resistance.  Fabrics are very resistant to tears, scuffs and abrasions and may therefore provide a degree of protection in the event of a fall. CORDURA® fabrics are made using different weights of filament fibres (known under the acronym D = Denier). Modeka only works with Cordura® fabric which has least a filament fibre size of 500D to help ensure a strong, rugged fabric. The higher filament fibre size of 1000D Cordura® fabric is used specifically to help provide protection in the crash zones.

Cordura® AFT

CORDURA® AFT ‘air flow technology’ fabric is a highly breathable collection of knit constructions with enhanced abrasion and tear strength.  The more open knitted mesh structure of CORDURA® AFT fabric when compared to a classic woven structure, results in a rugged fabric with excellent air permeability for enhanced riding comfort, especially in hot climates.



100% polyester COOLMAX® is the fastest drying high-tech fabric. It pulls sweat away from skin leaving the body dry. COOLMAX® is fully breathable, lightweight, comfortable, elastic, durable and easy-care.


DuPont™ KEVLAR® fibers are used to help provide strength, flexibility, and lightweight protection. This aramid fiber is used to make clothing safe and cut resistant. It’s lightweight and extraordinarily strong: five times stronger than steel. That´s why Modeka uses KEVLAR® as reinforcement for jeans. Furthermore, KEVLAR® is heat and fire resistant and is used at calf against heat. 




Hipora® is a climate membrane out of Polyurethane and has a water column of 5.000 mm. It consists of a three-layer microporous silicon coating structure. The first layer prevents water from passing through. The pores are less than .5 um in diameter.The second layer is a honeycomb structure that lets moisture in to let it expel through the first layer.The third layer is very dense for added protection against water.
Themembrane is the layer closest to the skin.
This Hipora®membrane is especially used in Modeka boots. 


Hitena™ is made from a mixture of technical polyamide fibers, which ensures great long-term resistance against wear, tear and dirt. This strong material got a soft touch and weighs less than normal polyamide. Modeka uses Hitena™ as reinforcement on elbow, shoulder and knee.


Hipora® is a climate membrane out of Polyurethane and has a water column of 2.500 mm.

This Hitex®membrane is waterproof and windproof and is especially used in Modeka beginner styles.




Humax® is a microporous membrane based on polyurethane with different sized pores. Humax® is waterproof, windproof and breathable. Numerous pores (1.4 billion to 1cm2 ) prevent the large drops of rain from entering. Water column is 10.000 mm.
At the same time membrane allow the small water vapor molecules in the body moisture to escape.


Kenytex® is a material mix of 12 % DuPont™ KEVLAR® and 88 % Polyamide. That means KEVLAR® material is woven in whole fabric. It is used in the Modeka Kolumbus jacket and trousers.
Check out the advantages and characteristics of KEVLAR® under the point DuPont™ KEVLAR®.


Nano-Tex is manufacturer of nano technological materials. The materials get a special surface refinements and are dirt and water repellent. Besides, the products of Nano-Tex correspond to eco standard 100.


Innovative Outlast® lining material provides enhanced comfort by absorbing and releasing warmth to the body as needed. The result is a constant thermal balance: comfortable, less overheat, less freezing, less sweat and consistent heat dissipation.


Reissa® is a three-layer microporous membrane with a polyurethane coating and different sized pores. Reissa® is waterproof, windproof and breathable. It has a 8.000 mm water column.


Viscoelastic foam with memory effect: After an impact or any kind of deformation the foam (protector) returns to its original shape within shortly.

Multi impact compliant: Unlike many other dampening materials (such as styrofoam (EPS), silicone or foam of inferior quality) our PU-foam is multi impact compliant. Thus impacts or high pressure do not destroy the protector even when the same area is affected repeatedly. The protector keeps its full functional capability.

Lightweight: high absorbability despite low density. Hard shell protectors or materials containing silicone are considerably more heavy which reduces the wearing comfort.

Adaptive absorption: The air which is embedded in the foam´s cells provokes a progressive absorption. The protector remains soft in case of slowly increasing forces, however when it comes to a fast heavy impact the resistance of the foam grows with increasing speed. The damping happens by air-changing in the foam-bubbles. The openings are limited so only a defined amount of air can pass through. This characteristic is responsible for a perfectly adapted damping likewise at high and low impact-speed. Imagine an inflatable beach ball. If you knee down on the ball the air escapes through the open valve. But if you jump onto the ball the air cannot escape much faster. The ball seems to be hard even at opened valve – the impact energy (the impact movement) will be stopped tight.

In impulse responding behavior: Contrary to hard shell protectors, styrofoam damper or many other dampening materials, SAS-TEC foam reacts promptly and without any time delay even to minor impacts. The energy absorption goes almost linear, which keeps the impact forces to the human body at a low level. Whereas SAS-TEC foam already responds to very small impacts, styrofoam protectors for example only respond to impacts that could already provoke bone fractures! Manufacturers of hardshell protectors try to prevent this through an additional soft foam layer, which provides a better comfort. At an impact this additional lining reacts immediately, but since this foam layer is extremely soft, it is not able to absorb the energy. As soon as the lining is compressed, the damping of the hardshell material starts. At this very stage the forces increase considerably, which leads to a very high exposure to the human body.

Schoeller Dynatec®

Schoeller® Dynatec® is a hard wearing polyamide fabric with good protective properties and a high level of abrasion resistance. It has got a smooth touch, can cope with heavy demands and has an attractive appearance. Dynatec® is used as reinforcements.



Schoeller Keprotec®

Schoeller® Keprotec® is a high-tech fabric, which is made out of Cordura®, Dynafil TS 70, DuPont™ Kevlar® and polyurethane. The structure shows that Schoeller® Keprotec® offers a higher protection compared to Schoeller® Dynatec®: extremely abrasion, drop, tear and heat resistant. It has similar protection features such as leather, but has a better comfort. Therefore Keprotec® is used in connection with stretch, mainly on positions which are a lot in motion: such as elbow, shoulder, step, or knee. The material complies with the environmental label Eco-Tex Standard 100.




SuperFabric® technology is composed of 68 % epoxy and 32 % polyester. This mixture offers high comfort und combines the positive characteristics of leather like cut resistance und abrasion proof. Especially in gloves the material is as reinforcement.




100 % waterproof

Pursuant to EN 323, the Sympatex membrane far exceeds these values of 1.300 mm and is extremely waterproof with a water column of over 45.000 mm.

100 % breathable: protection against sweat

Breathable clothing which removes perspiration in form of water vapour from skin supports a pleasant body climate and prevents overheating. In contrast to other membrane technologies, the poreless compact Sympatex membrane is based on a physical and chemical principle. The water-attracting (hydrophilic) part of the membrane absorbs the moisture from the body and emits it to the outside by evaporation (see black arrows). This effect increases as the difference in temperature and moisture rises. The requirement for this function is a partial pressure gradient of the temperature and humidity from inside to outside. The more your body sweats, the more moisture the membrane can transport outwards. The effectiveness of ‘Smart Dynamic Membrane Technology’ therefore increases dynamically and on the basis of need. 

100 % windproof: wind chill effect

The Sympatex membrane is 100% windproof. This functional property is important to avoid the wind chill effect, the subjective feeling of feeling cold in the wind (wind chill effect).0 liters of air per second pass through 1 m² of Sympatex membrane. This means that according to DIN EN ISO 9237, the Sympatex membrane is 100% windproof and prevents any drop in performance.


The innovative polyamide fibre TACTEL® creates motorcycle garment that is soft, supplely smooth, breathable and lightweight. According to rigid testing, TACTEL® fiber is at least twice as soft and 20 percent lighter than most other fibers. It also dries eight times faster than cotton. In addition TACTEL® fiber is strong. The inherent strength of TACTEL® fiber enables the production of fabrics that are three times as strong as those made with natural fibers.  


TFL Cool leather and TFL Cool textiles reflect sunlight and therefore remains comfortably cool for longer in sunshine – this greatly improves wearing comfort! The temperature difference compared with normal leather/ textile can be as much as 12°C. In addition, TFL leather is more lightfast and remains attractive for longer. 




YF are soft foam protectors and fulfill the EN Norm 1621-1 with protection level 1. Modeka uses YF for shoulder, elbow and knee areas.