Modeka Best Brands 2017

full of price: 2nd place for motorcycle garment

The interview base of this survey were over 500 dealers which are recipients of the magazine "bike and business".

Main question was how satisfied are the dealers with our work?

Following criterias like quality of the products, technical support in the service, ability to deliver, dealer support in marketing and sales, play a big role.

Modeka reached the 2nd place for the third time.
We thank you all for your trust in us - in Modeka - and look forward to a successful new season 2018 with you.

Bike Woman of the Year 2017

Product manager Lou Windau

Our Product Manager Lou Maria Windau won this special Lady Award in an exciting neck-and-neck race.
The focus of the evaluation was the personality, the individual accents in the motorcycle business, their networking in the professional motorcycle community, their social media work and the harmony of work and family.
As you can see, the feminine creativity pushes the Modeka brand.
Of course, together with our team which consists surprisingly mainly of ladies.

Tech Dry funktional underwear

Approved by Motorrad (edition 20/2017): Very good and buying tip

Motorrad (edition 20/2017) has checked functional underwear.
already before launch of Tech dry they tested the underwear some months.

Their result: “Unisex underwear has a different fitting. Please try on before use. All in all functional underwear of Modeka scores with a soft material, very good workmanship and an excellent isolation. The fair price-quality-ratio is a perfect base for the period of transition.”

Adventure suit Kolumbus

Motorrad GOOD_edition 7_2017

Our Kolumbus suit has been awarded by the edition 7 of the Motorrad magazine.
12 adventure suits under 1000 € have been checked according to weather protection, fitting, safety and equipment. In matters of safety and equipment, Kolumbus has received highest quantity of points.

 The general result for our Kolumbus suit is a Motorrad GOOD:
"Pleasant fabric with a great grip, ultra-comfortable fit, complete protector equipment - a high-quality full outfit. The Modeka Kolumbus is the best offer for tourists."

Further positive comments:

Outer fabric of aramide fabric feels friendly and organic, like cotton
Successful fitting
Good length of sleeves and legs, even for taller riders#
High comfort
Good liberty of action
Complete protector equipment
Very good residual forces of protectors'
High-quality, abrasion resistant SuperFabric on shoulder and elbows
Good cooling effect due to detachable membrane and air vent possibilities
Super warming effect
Including braces
Clean workmanship
Wearing on & off is quite easy

Member Vintage leather jacket

Motorrad & Reisen Good 79_2016

Test conditions: Rides around 15 Celsius in the USA. Fitting, material, comfort, practicability, equipment, weather and safety are the test criterias.

Result: "Classical, puristic looking, high class vintage leather jacket. If you do not look for knick-knack, you will get a cool and stylisch jacket for a good price."

Jeans Georgia Lady

Motorradfahrer Recommendation 2017

Test conditions: The magazine Motorradfahrer has tested 6 motorcycle jeans according to the aspects workmanship, equipment, comfort, safety and price/quality ratio. The aspect of safety has been checked by the university TU Darmstadt. 

"This Modeka jeans has a comfortable fitting. The height of jeans at waist and the stretch lead to a great comfort for every lady. The jeans has a YKK zip and a button for closing. Georgia Lady passes the abrasion test,. No sample has a hole. The value of abrasion is a good average. The knee protector of type B can be adjusted twice via velcro. The Kevlar reinforcements are located at knee, behind thigh, hip and bottom, and protector these areas in case of a crash.
Result:" No holes in the abrasion test, good values, big knee protectors and a comfortable fit have led to the award "Motorradfahrer recommendation"."

Wax jacket Glasgow

Tested in Motorrad News_February 2017

Test conditions: The magazine Motorrad News gives an overview about waterproof retro jackets. In comparison to other brands - Modeka is the single maker with a wax trousers.

"Glasgow is an all-round talent. Membrane and thermo lining can be detached in a separate way in order to have also a comfortable jacket for summer. The trousers is equipped identically. The workmanship is good, but suit seems to be one size too small."

That´s why jacket is now up till 10XL ;-)

Besides, Glasgow was awarded from Motorrad magazine as "VERY GOOD" and "TEST WINNER". Check out test result more below. 

Adventure suit Kolumbus

Tip Enduro Versatility/Safety Top - January 2017

Test conditions: Enduro  (edition 1/2017) has tested 7 touring suits in weeks of dry and rainy weather. Temperature was from minus 5 till plus 18° celsius. Different riders tested suits on the Honda Africa Twin und Suzuki V-Strom 650. 

Result: "Extensive equipped jacket with a sublime-looking anthracite outer material. soft and tear-resistant outer material. Outstanding strong protectors on ellbow & shoulder, very big and long back protector. Abrasion-resistant reinforcement on shoulder and elbow. Stretch above shoulder and elbow. Big ventilation-zips on under arm and back, panel ventilation on chest. Detachable membrane & detachable thicker thermo-lining. 2 big outer pockets, 3 inside pockets. 2 pockets are rain proof, 1 big pocket at back. Adjustments at hip and waist. zip and velcro at cuff."

Temperature recommendation: 4 till over 24° Celsius

more information, see here:

Daypack - leg bag

Recommendation Motorradfahrer_Dezember 2016

Test condition: The magazine Motorradfahrer (edition 12/2016) tested 10 leg bags with concentration on equipment, storage place, functionality and price-quality-ratio. 
The modeka leg bag Daypack has received the award "Recommendation Motorradfahrer". 

Result: "Impressive equipped bag: good fitting, good subdivision, also not partly-filled bag is quite stable."



Tacoma Adventure suit

Test report from Motorrad & Reisen_77 Nov 2016

Test conditions: The magazine Motorrad & Reisen (Heft 77/2016) has tested the Modeka Tacoma suit on the roads. The conditions and their results are: fitting  15/15, material 15/20, practicability  7/15, equipment 10/10, weather 7/10, protection 15/15

Result: "All in all the combination of jacket and trousers offers a good adventure suit, which is quite comparable to other expensive suits: fine detail solutions, clean workmanshipo, good protective equipment and the use in nearly all weathers." 



Georgia Lady Jeans

Price-Tip Tourenfahrer 10_2016

Test conditions: The Tourenfahrer has tested motorcycle jeans according toworkmanship (20%), equipment (20%), comfort (20%) and safety (40%). The last point safety has been tested in the Technical University Darmstadt. Based on a scenario of a crash at 75 km/h  the abrasion resistance was checked in detail. 

Result:"Modeka provides all in all a great jeans with good fitting and comfortable outer material. Protectors are at the correct position and have a good size. A high abrasion protection and Kevlar panels complete the jeans: many jeans for less money."

Detailed comments:"The jeans has a comfortable fit. The high proportion of stretch  leads to a comfortable wearing. Closure consists of a YKK-zip and a button. Georgia jeans achieves high scores in the abrasion test: No sample has a hole. The distance of sliding and the abrasion resistance are OK. The knee protector is twice adjustable. The Kevlar reinforcements on knee, thigh, hip and back protects the crash zones." 

Modeka Glasgow wax trousers

Tested by Tourenfahrer 9_2016

Test condition: The Tourenfahrer has tested wax garment and has following test result for the Modeka Glasgow wax trousers: 

Result: "The wax cotton trousers Modeka Glasgow impresses a lot. The fit, the length and the workmanship are persuading. The sit of the protectors scores, too. All in all: The wateproof trousers lives up to its promise." 

Glasgow Wax jacket

Tested byTourenfahrer 9_2016

Test conditions: The Tourenfahrer has tested wax jackets according to workmanship (15%), comfort (15%), safety (30%), material (40%). The last point material has been checked by the Technical University Darmstadt: Based on a scenario a standard rider (75 kg, 1,75 m) had a crash at 75 km/h on a motorway in order to see time of gliding and abrasion resistance. 

Result: "After all 3 crashes material has last. The fittin of the protectors is good, the jacket is allround waterproof. The detachable thermo lining makes the jacket to a all-weather companion. Ventilation zips cool the rider on hot days."

Back protector vest 6983

Motorrad Good 17_2016

Test conditions: Motorrad tested 22 different kinds of back protectors. Main focus was checking safety. Check was made by TÜV Rheinland which used the test of residual forces. Next to safety, size, fit and comfort played an important role.   

Result: "Comfort and safety are good. The price is very good!"

Kolumbus Adventure suit

Motorrad & Reisen Top tip 75_2016

Test condition: Rides around 28 Celsius. Fitting, material, comfort, practicability, equipment, weather and safety are the test criterias.

Fazit: "All in all Modeka Kolumbus is an excellent and comfortable touring suit, which provides the highest safety requirements, is perfect suitable for the whole year and looks quite well. Three suits in one, comfortable, safer and good-looking with nice detail solutions."

Modeka Breeze suit for Lady & Man

Tested by Tourenfahrer 8_2016

Test conditions: The Tourenfahrer tested 8 Airflow suits at 30 Celsius. The test criteris are safety (30%, protectors and reflection), workmanship(20%), comfort (20%) und functionality (30% - cooling effect). 

Result: The suit fits quite good. The comfortable outer material impresses a lot and gives a significant impression. The jacket is cooling very good."

Westport suit

Motorrad Good 8_2016

Test conditions: Motorrad tested allround textile suits for beginners. Test was made in south france: 18 Celsius, sun, cold wind. In South France the test riders collected impressions of fitting, sit of protectors and comfort. The waterproofness was simulated. Further on, one lab checked the residual forces of the single protectors. 

Fazit: "Versatile, rich equipped touring suit with extra safety package and removable membrane for all weather conditions."They mentioned also positive points like "big pocket for mobile phone, voluminous outer pockets, nice slip-in-pockets"